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COVID effects on the heart - Dr Sanjay Sinha

Cross Network Seminar: Combatting Covid-19 - How Cambridge is tackling a global pandemic

In association with Cambridge Infectious Disease IRC, we run a webinar series “Combatting Covid-19: How Cambridge is tackling a global pandemic”.

The series will highlight the remarkable diversity of activities being carried out across the University in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.
Wednesday 15 July,  Dr Sanjay Sinha “COVID effects on the heart”  hosted by Dr Murray Clarke, Cambridge Cardiovascular.

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Dr Sinha is a British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow and a Reader in Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine at the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute. He has established novel human pluripotent stem cell-based systems to generate human models of cardiovascular diseases, and is investigating novel techniques to regenerate the damaged heart. Dr Sinha is a Cardiologist and he combines his research work with clinical duties at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.  Cardiovascular dysfunction both predisposes to severe disease and is an important outcome of COVID-19. Our current understanding of cardiovascular involvement in COVID-19 will be discussed and ongoing studies using the Sinha lab’s established human embryonic stem cell derived-cardiomyocyte and vascular cell models will be presented. These studies have examined ACE2 receptor expression and spike protein binding in cardiovascular cells, as well as the establishment of an in vitro platform for drug screening. Ongoing studies on the cardiomyocyte response to cytokines will be presented. These studies will provide information on the cellular and molecular responses of human cardiomyocytes and vascular cells to COVID-19 infection and identify potential ways to prevent cardiac dysfunction in high risk patients.


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