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Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence has awarded nine 3-year PhD studentships. These include stipends, University/College fees, and £10,000 per year towards other costs.

Please follow the links below to read more about the Centre's students and their research.

Name Supervisors Year Title
Mr William Briggs Dr Julian Griffin 2014 Metabolomic analysis of Celecoxib and Rofecoxib administration in mice
Mr Joel Chappell Dr Helle Jørgensen 2014 VSMC clonality and proliferation in health and disease
Ms Isabel Rosa Prof Willem Ouwehand & Dr Mattia Frontini 2014 Exploring the molecular basis underlying the observed effect of the silencing of the GWAS gene BRD3 on platelet formation with the purpose to identify possible epigenome-modifying therapeutic interventions
Mr Daniel Jafferji Prof Chris Huang & Dr Andrew Grace 2015 Metabolically triggered atrial arrhythmia in a PCG-1α deficient murine model of mitochondrial dysfunction
Dr Vera Graup Prof Ruth Cameron & Prof Serena Best 2015 Development of 3D scaffolds as cell support for cardiovascular repair and regeneration
Mr Parsa Akbari Dr Adam Butterworth 2016 Genome-wide association study of internal cellular traits
Mr Baraa Kwieder Dr Amer Rana 2016 Directed programming of arterial endothelial cell identity, and the assembly of arteries through 3D co-culture for translational applications
Ms Lisa Schmunk Dr Dirk Paul 2016 Functional investigation of genetic determinants of blood cell traits in cardiovascular disease
Ms Jessica Walsh Prof Hugh Markus 2016 Imaging the role of blood-brain permeability in cerebral small vessel disease

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