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Cambridge Cardiovascular


CRE Flagship project

Characterisation of the genetic basis of endothelial cell transcriptional and functional variation

Research groups from University of Leicester, University of Exeter, Cambridge University and Wellcome Sanger Institute have examined the role of endothelial cells in cardiovascular diseases. We have generated genotype, RNA-Seq, ATAC-Seq, CHIP-Seq and ECIS data on over 100 endothelial cell lines. These data have been processed and utilized in several analyses including QTL, co-localisation, eCAVIAR, and Summary-data based Mendelian Randomization (SMR).

Name Institution
Mattia Frontini University of Exeter
Shu Ye University of Leicester
David McVey University of Leicester
Charles Solomon University of Leicester
Tom Webb University of Leicester
Matiss Ozols Wellcome Sanger Institute
Nicole Soranzo Wellcome Sanger Institute
Kevin Bin Liu University of Cambridge
Wei Li University of Cambridge
Stephen Watt Wellcome Sanger Institute
Gabriela Ivanova Wellcome Sanger Institute
Nicole Staudt Wellcome Sanger Institute
Stefan Gräf University of Cambridge
Nick Morrell University of Cambridge

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