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Cambridge Cardiovascular at Cambridge Festival 2021

Our new festival will provide a space where we can highlight the interdisciplinary approach to research for which Cambridge is renowned, and give us all the time to develop collaborative activity with community groups, special interest groups and creative professionals and explore different formats for engagement. We have made a series of mini films on different research areas within Cambridge Cardiovascular.

These films will be released here on 26 March. Click on the links below to view on YouTube.

1) My Research into Stroke Research

Dr Alessandra Granata, MRF Fellow, Stroke Research Group.

2) The importance of the study of Cardiovascular Disease

Dr Mandy Grootaert, Research Associate

3) Learn all about the Heart with Kevin

Dr Aishwarya Jacob, Postdoctoral Researcher

4) Genetics in Heart Failure Research

Dr Amy Mason, Research Associate

5) Imaging Inflammation in the Cardiovascular System

Dr Jason Tarkin, Wellcome Clinical Research Career Development Fellow

6) The role of luck and serendipity in research careers

Dr Mark Toshner, Director of Translational Biomedical Research MPhil

7) Heart Failure Research

Dr Ana Vujic, Researcher

8) The iMAP Project

Professor Ziad Mallat, British Heart Foundation Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

9) 'Is this the future of replacement heart valves?' How a new artificial heart could transform open-heart surgery.

Professor Geoff Moggridge, Dept of Chemical Engineering.


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