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Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence

In 2014, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) awarded the University of Cambridge three million pounds to establish a Centre of Cardiovascular Research Excellence (CRE). The current Centre (2014-2019) is led by Prof Nick Morrell and managed by Dr Katja Kivinen, and brings together leading investigators across the University and affiliated Institutes.

The Centre provides a focus for cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge and strengthens internal collaborations through funding for studentships, fellowships, and pilot projects. It also supports the integration of research groups within the planned Cambridge Heart and Lung Research Institute (HLRI), for which the fundraising is ongoing.

The overarching aim of the Centre is to advance understanding of cardiovascular conditions by applying our combined expertise in generating assumption-free approaches.

The Centre has four main research themes with a cross-cutting fifth theme on experimental medicine providing expertise for the translation of research outcomes. The themes are:

The Centre is led by a Steering group representing the main research themes:

The Centre has appointed a Scientific Advisory Board to give it guidance and feedback:


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We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

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