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Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence has awarded seven 12-month Clinical Research Training Fellowships including full salary and £10,000 towards other costs. The aim is to provide aspiring clinician scientists time to develop their research to the level required to secure an external fellowship.

Please follow the links below to read more about our Fellows and their research projects.


Cambridge BHF CRE Clinical Research Training Fellows 2019-2024

Name Supervisors Year Title
Dr Sophie Zhaotao Gu Prof Martin Bennett 2019 Vascular Medicine
Dr Chris Osuafor Prof Hugh Markus 2019 Investigates the arterial pathology involved in SVD using ultra-high-field 7 Tesla MRI Brain
Dr Andrej Corovic Dr James Rudd 2019

Cardiovascular imaging

Dr Kirsty Foote Prof Martin Bennett 2020  
Dr Daniel Abioye  Prof Ian Wilkinson 2021  
Dr Christopher Wall Dr Jason Tarkin 2022  
Dr Shiv Bhakta Prof Hugh Markus 2022  



Cambridge BHF CRE Clinical Research Training Fellows 2014-2019

Name Supervisors Year Title
Ms Clare Burdett Prof Ruth Cameron 2014 Improved design of mitral valve rings
Dr Janine Collins Prof Willem Ouwehand 2016 Functional studies on a novel gene identified by genome sequencing of patients with uncharacterised inherited bleeding and platelet disorders
Dr Jonathan Evans Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio 2016 Biomarkers for prediction of incident heart failure
Dr Isuru Induruwa Dr Elizabeth Warburton & Prof Richard Farndale 2016 Glycoprotein VI Receptor in Atrial Fibrillation and ThromboEmbolism (GRAFITE)
Dr Priya Sastry Dr Sanjay Sinha & Prof Ziad Mallat 2016 Predicting risk of progression in patients with arch or descending thoracic aortic aneurysm

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