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NIHR Cambridge BRC Cardiovascular and Respiratory Theme

NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Cardiovascular and Respiratory Theme is led by Prof Nick Morrell. Heart and lung diseases are the leading causes of premature death worldwide, killing 26 million people a year. In the UK alone, 1 in 4 of us will die from heart disease, and 1 in 5 from lung disease. Additionally, many patients live with chronic heart and lung diseases that severely limit their life quality.

The theme will address the unmet need in heart and lung disease through a series of grand challenges. Ultimately the aim is to improve prediction, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory disease through an interdisciplinary approach. Key aims are to:

  • Identify new and tractable targets for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease from large-scale genetic and epidemiology studies
  • Develop new approaches to predict risk of atherosclerotic plaque rupture to prevent heart attacks
  • Undertake clinical trials of potential new medicines for atherosclerosis, acute lung injury, and bronchiectasis

Research is spread across multiple sites, with invasive and some non-invasive research performed at Papworth Hospital, and non-invasive, preclinical and basic research performed at Addenbrooke's hospital and the University of Cambridge. Collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians is promoted to foster the transmission of new scientific findings into clinical practice. Active researchers have been listed under 'Investigators'.

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