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Cambridge Festival 26 March to 4 April 2021

Dr Giles Yeo - Introducing the Cambridge Festival

Bookings are open at Cambridge Festival

Our new festival will provide a space where we can highlight the interdisciplinary approach to research for which Cambridge is renowned, and give us all the time to develop collaborative activity with community groups, special interest groups and creative professionals and explore different formats for engagement. We have made a series of mini films on different research areas within Cambridge Cardiovascular. Please register on our Eventbrite page. Keep an eye on the Cambridge Festival Twitter page for updates and the Cambridge Festival Website.  For further information on our work please email

Resources at the British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation provides an interactive learning tool, Know Your Heart, and a range of information suitable for teens. They also have a wide variety of videos about cardiovascular disorders on YouTube and here BHF Research Animations

Research videos

Dr Sanjay Sinha introduces us to the development of 'cardiac patches'. The project aims to grow human heart muscle tissue in the lab to replace injured tissue after a heart attack, and is one of the flagship projects of the BHF Centre of Regenerative Medicine. The work is an interdisciplinary collaboration with Prof Ruth Cameron and Prof Serena Best in Materials Science, Prof Richard Farndale in Biochemistry, and Dr Thomas Krieg in Experimental Medicine:


To complement the story about cardiac patches, Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials co-led by Prof Ruth Cameron and Prof Serena Best have published a short introduction to their research, especially around the use of collagen scaffolds to direct cell growth:


NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre has published a short introduction to cardiovascular and respiratory disease research featuring Prof Nick Morrell:


In 2017, the University of Cambridge published a compilation of "The Future of Medicine", including a clip about the development of cardiac patches by Dr Sanjay Sinha and colleagues:

In 2015, the British Heart Foundation awarded Dr Geoff Moggridge a special project grant to test new heart valve material that may revolutionise valve replacements in humans:

In 2014, the British Heart Foundation interviewed Dr Sanjay Sinha, Dr Alessandra Granata and Dr Johannes Bargehr about ground-breaking cardiovascular research done in Cambridge:

There is also a longer version of this video including personal stories shared by patients:


Cambridge Science Festival

We run hands-on activities for the Cambridge Science Festival, organised every March by the University of Cambridge Public Engagement team in collaboration with volunteers from across Cambridge.

For the past couple of years, our theme has been "The wonderful world of blood vessels". Some information about heart can be found in our 2017 Science Festival booklet "How does your heart work?" that can be downloaded here. It was originally designed by Dr Aarti Shah for the 2016 festival, and re-designed by Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski for 2017. The booklet is aimed at primary school aged children (especially years 5-6) but there are interesting facts for people of all ages.

For the 2018 Festival, we moved our focus from blood vessels to "the Sensational Heart" with activities around how the heart senses its environment.

Big Biology Day

2017 was the first year we took part in the Cambridge Big Biology Day. This event takes place every October at the Hills Road 6th Form College, and is open to people of all ages. The 2018 event introduced a special "Careers Zone" aimed at 14-18 year olds interested in guidance on study subjects.

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