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Who we are?


Cardiovascular disease is a huge burden to healthcare systems around the world. It is the number one killer in UK, and is expected to become the most common cause of death globally by 2020. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease within our aging populations will be among the most pressing challenges in this century.

Our Research Communities

Cambridge Biomedical Campus is a single site hosting a diverse range of cardiovascular scientists and clinicians co-located with a major teaching hospital and industry. Our main research communities are:

There is significant overlap across these communities and with Papworth and Addenbrooke's hospitals. Additionally, we provide multiple PhD Programmes.

Our Vision

We aim to integrate high quality preclinical cardiovascular science with a world-leading clinical trials organisation, operating in a University/Hospital/Industry partnership.

This will be aided by the recently approved re-location of Papworth hospital - one of UK's leading cardiothoracic hospitals - to Cambridge Biomedical Campus, and the subsequent foundation of a Heart and Lung Research Institute.

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Logo design by Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski and Dr Sarah Morgan.


We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

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For inquiries about our research or the website, please contact Dr Katja Kivinen.