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BHF 4-year programme Investigators

Available projects have been divided into three subgroups depending on their focus: Vascular Biology; Stem Cell and Developmental Biology; and Population Health and Genomics.

Vascular Biology

InvestigatorResearch Field
Prof Martin Bennett Control of vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis and cell senescence
Dr Murray Clarke Pathways linking cell death and inflammation in vascular disease
Dr Anthony Davenport Role of G-protein coupled receptors and biased signalling in the human cardiovascular system
Dr Matthew Harper Regulation of thrombosis in response to vascular injury
Prof Christopher Huang Cardiac arrhythmogenesis in murine models
Dr Thomas Krieg Cardiovascular Ischaemia/Reperfusion Injury
Dr Wei Li Regulation of bone morphogenetic protein signaling in vascular endothelial cells
Dr Xuan Li Novel players linking inflammasome activation to cardiovascular disease
Prof Ziad Mallat Cardiovascular
Prof Nick Morrell Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Dr Andrew Murray Mitochondrial function in health and disease
Dr Kevin O’Shaughnessy Hypertension
Dr Andrew Sage Adaptive Immune responses and Atherosclerosis
Prof Colin Taylor Intracellular signalling pathways
Prof Antonio Vidal-Puig Molecular Mechanisms of Energy Balance
Prof Ian Wilkinson Arterial Haemodynamics and Experimental Medicine


Stem Cell and Developmental Biology 

InvestigatorResearch Field
Dr Daniel Gaffney Statistical and regulatory genomics in human induced pluripotent stem cells
Dr Cedric Ghevaert Platelet production from pluripotent stem cells for disease modeling and cellular therapy
Prof Dino Giussani Developmental Origins of Heart Disease
Prof Bertie Gottgens Transcriptional Regulation of Blood Stem cells
Dr Helle Jørgensen Regulation of cell plasticity in cardiovascular development and disease
Dr Susan Ozanne Developmental programming of cardiovascular and metabolic disease
Dr Amer Rana Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells
Dr Sanjay Sinha Vascular smooth muscle cell development and disease
Prof Ludovic Vallier Human pluripotent stem cells, control of differentiation and disease modeling

Population Health and Genomics

InvestigatorResearch Field
Dr Adam Butterworth Genetic determinants of cardiovascular disease and high-dimensional traits
Dr Rajiv Chowdhury Environmental, lifestyle and genetic risk factors of cardiovascular disease among South and South East Asians
Prof John Danesh Genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors in cardiovascular disease
Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Dr Julian Griffin Metabolomics
Prof Jonathan Mant Cardiovascular Disease in Primary Care Settings
Prof Hugh Markus Using genetic and imaging techniques to understand the pathogenesis of ischaemic stroke
Prof Willem Ouwehand Genomics and epigenomics of megakaryocytes and platelet traits
Dr Dirk Paul Functional genomics of cardiovascular diseases
Prof Nicole Soranzo Human complex trait genomics and genetics
Dr Angela Wood Statistical methods for advancing epidemiological research

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