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The University of Cambridge is raising funds to build a dedicated Heart & Lung Research Institute (HLRI) in partnership with the Royal Papworth Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. This initiative has been catalysed by the relocation of the hospital as well as the AstraZeneca R&D facilities to Cambridge and will enable a major expansion of cardiovascular and respiratory research capacity.

Diseases of the heart and lung are some of the biggest killers worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease causes nearly 18 million deaths per year, mostly due to heart attacks and stroke, with respiratory disease ranking just behind.

In UK, 1 out of 4 deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease and 1 out of 5 deaths by respiratory disease. Despite a growing awareness of risk factors, such as smoking and poor diet, the prevalence of such diseases is increasing.

Research at the new Institute will be increasingly directed towards disease prevention and the interplay between genetics and lifestyle. Clinical trials will also be a critical part of the research process, and the Institute will open a new Clinical Research Facility that will complement available facilities on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. For many relevant conditions, the Royal Papworth Hospital is the largest referral centre in the UK, and new treatment strategies will benefit from close ties between the hospital and the University of Cambridge.

The Institute’s scientific vision has been organised under six main research themes by a Steering group led by Prof Nick Morrell:

The new Institute will allow for further expansion of basic and clinical research capacity, with 40% new recruitment planned over the existing staff levels. It will also enable the co-location of existing research laboratories that are currently dispersed across Cambridge.

Read more about the planned research here. Please contact the fundraising team if you are interested to support the new building or make a gift now.

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