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NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Cardiovascular and Respiratory Theme is led by Martin Bennett. Active investigators are listed below.

Name Affiliation Focus area
Martin Bennett (Lead)  University (Medicine) / Royal Papworth Hospital  Atherosclerosis, Imaging
Mark Toshner (Co-lead) University (Medicine) / Royal Papworth Hospital Pulmonary artery hypertension
Joseph Cheriyan   University (Medicine)

Vascular function, Clinical trials, Imaging

Menna Clatworthy University (Medicine)  Inflammation, Omics 
John Danesh Public Health and Primary Care Population and Data Science 
Christi Deaton Public Health and Primary Care  Community Heart Failure Trials 
Nicholas Evans (Co-lead)  University (Neurosciences)  Stroke, Imaging
Andres Floto University (Medicine) / Royal Papworth Hospital  Respiratory Infection, AI-based diagnosis and patient management
Jonathan Fuld University (Medicine)  Community COPD Trials
Fiona Gilbert University (Radiology) Imaging 
Charles Haworth Royal Papworth Hospital Respiratory Infection / Inflammation 
Ziad Mallat University (Medicine)  Immune mechanisms of CAD / heart failure 
Hugh Markus University (Neurosciences)  Stroke, Genomics 
Michael Murphy University / Medical Research Council  Mitochondrial metabolism in CAD, stroke, Transplantation 
James Rudd University (Medicine)  Imaging, AI, Electronic patient records 
Charlotte Summers University (Medicine) Lung imaging, Inflammation 
Elizabeth Warburton Cambridge University Hospitals Stroke, Imaging 
Ian Wilkinson University (Medicine)  Trials / Functional genomics studies in hypertension 



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