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Cambridge Cardiovascular is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) funded by the University of Cambridge. It acts as an overarching organisation providing support to the related research Centres and communities in Cambridge. It aims to connect researchers across the Cambridge area, maximise opportunities for collaborative research, and nurture the next generation of research leaders.


Adding and Updating your Profile on the Cambridge Cardiovascular website

If you want to add your profile to the Cambridge Cardiovascular website Denise Hatherly can set up your basic Research profile page. Please just provide Denise with your full name, CHRIS ID (if you have one), and your email address.

We can then set you up with a basic profile and you can follow the instructions on this page to add further details to your profile. If you do not have a University CHRIS ID please send Denise the details you would like added and they will be added to the website for you.

If you have a CHRIS ID and want to update your existing profile please visit this page for more details on how to manage your profile. If you do not have "member status" on the website and cannot log in please request this update from Denise.

If you want to update your details and do not have a University CHRIS ID please send your changes to Denise.


Cambridge Cardiovascular Email List

Our monthly newsletter reaches 400+ researchers across the University of Cambridge, affiliated institutions (e.g. Babraham, EBI, Sanger), and hospitals (Addenbrooke's, Royal Papworth).

Please contact Denise Hatherly if you would like to join our email list. We send out a monthly Newsletter with details of our Events and Seminar Series along with other relevant Seminars, Events, and useful information. We also detail funding and training opportunities in our Newsletter.

Please also contact Denise regarding any funding opportunities you have, or if you would like to advertise an event you are organising or a job opportunity in your team.

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We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

Please follow us on Twitter for local news about research, events, funding calls, and open positions.

For inquiries about our research, please contact Dr Jane Sugars

For enquiries about our website or joining Cambridge Cardiovascular, please contact Denise Hatherly

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