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Cambridge BHF CRE Career Development Fellows

Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence has awarded one clinical and three non-clinical Career Development Fellowships including full salary and £15,000 per year towards other costs. The aim is to provide outstanding scientists an opportunity to develop their research to the level required to secure an external Intermediate/Senior fellowship.

Please follow the links below to read more about our Fellows and their research projects.

Cambridge BHF CRE Career Development Fellows 2019-2024

Name Collaborators Year Title
Dr Daniel Greene Prof Sylvia Richardson 2019 The genetic causes of rare diseases using detailed phenotype data in the context of whole genome sequencing studies.


Cambridge BHF CRE Career Development Fellows 2014-2019

Name Collaborators Year Title
Dr Mattia Frontini Prof Willem Ouwehand; Prof Nicole Soranzo 2015 Investigation of cardiovascular disease chronic inflammation effects on the epigenetic status of myeloid cells
Dr Philippe Gilchrist Dr Emanuele Di Angelantonio 2017 Mechanisms and interventions for vasovagal reactions
Dr James Peters Prof John Danesh; Dr Jeff Barrett 2016 The role of inflammatory pathways in cardiovascular disease

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