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Cambridge Cardiovascular


In 2019, Cambridge Cardiovascular became a Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC). We began in 2013, when the University of Cambridge approved a new cross-School activity called Cambridge Cardiovascular Strategic Research Initiative (SRI). This Initiative aims to transform Cambridge into a world-leading hub for cardiovascular research and is open to all cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge area. Our monthly newsletter reaches around 500 researchers across the University, affiliated research Institutes, hospitals, and local companies.

Cambridge Cardiovascular acts as an umbrella covering all cardiovascular and related research in Cambridge.  Subsets of researchers are members of more focused research centres that are listed below:

We also work closely with clinicians at Addenbrooke's and Papworth hospitals, and with local biotech and pharma industry.

Looking forward, our research community will expand in 2019 with the re-location of Papworth hospital and AstraZeneca global headquarters and R&D facilities to Cambridge.

We are also raising funds to build a dedicated Heart & Lung Research Institute (HLRI).


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Logo design by Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski and Dr Sarah Morgan.


We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

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For inquiries about our research or the website, please contact Dr Tammy Dougan

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