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Cambridge University video highlights importance of interdisciplinary research

4 October 2021

A new video called ‘ What impact will your next connection have? ’ encourages researchers to get involved in the lively network of cross-School initiatives at the University. Click the link to watch the video here

Making new fat to control inflammation

17 September 2021

Just published! The process of making fat matters more than the fat you make, at least in alternatively activated macrophage ! Congrats to Guillaume Bidault on his new @TheBHF funded paper in @NatMetabolism from the @TVPLab and @CambridgeCardio. This paper has many data......but also unique ideas....and provides an...

Drug could help hearts recover after heart attack

9 September 2021

A drug used to treat certain cancers could improve recovery after a heart attack by helping the heart to heal and reducing the risk of further complications, according to research we fund published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC). BHF News

Beating heart cells grown in Cambridge lab demonstrate potential of Covid-19 experimental drug

14 August 2021

Cambridge scientists have grown beating heart cells in the lab and shown how they are vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 infection. In a study published in Communications Biology , they used this system to show that an experimental peptide drug called DX600 can prevent the virus entering the heart cells. The heart is one the major...

New risk calculator to help save many more lives from heart attack and stroke

15 June 2021

A new risk calculator will better predict people at high risk of heart and circulatory diseases years before they strike, and is ready for use across the UK and Europe, according to research published today in the journal European Heart Journal.

Cambridge professor's research could lead to a vaccine to prevent heart attacks

27 May 2021

A team at Cambridge University has been shortlisted for a £30m grant which would support them to create the world's first 3D map of hardened arteries.

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