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Cardiovascular IRC Steering Group

Cambridge Cardiovascular SRI Steering Group consists of representatives of five out of six Schools of the University of Cambridge.

The full Steering group meets annually with members asked to give guidance and lead activities throughout the year. A subset of the Steering group called 'Strategy group' meets as needed to discuss any urgent matters.

Please follow the links below to read more about the Steering group members and their research interests.

Name Affiliation School
Prof Martin Bennett (Co-lead) Medicine Clinical Medicine
Prof Nick Morrell (Co-lead) Medicine Clinical Medicine
Prof John Aston Pure Mathematics & Mathematical Statistics Physical Sciences
Prof Ruth Cameron Materials Science & Metallurgy Physical Sciences
Prof John Clarkson Engineering Technology
Prof John Danesh Public Health & Primary Care Clinical Medicine
Prof Christi Deaton Public Health & Primary Care Clinical Medicine
Dr Robert Doubleday Centre for Science & Policy; Geography Physical Sciences
Prof Richard Farndale Biochemistry Biological Sciences
Prof Dino Giussani Physiology, Development & Neuroscience Biological Sciences
Prof Robert Glen Chemistry Physical Sciences
Dr Stephen John History & Philosophy of Science Humanities & Social Sciences
Prof Geoff Moggridge Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Technology
Prof Theresa Marteau Public Health & Primary Care Clinical Medicine
Prof Patrick Maxwell Head, School of Clinical Medicine Clinical Medicine
Prof Stefan Scholtes Judge Business School Technology
Prof Ben Simons Physics Physical Sciences

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