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BHF 4-Year PhD Studentship Programme in Cardiovascular Research


The next call for applications will open in November 2020.


The goal of the Cambridge PhD programme in Cardiovascular Research is to train scientists in cross-disciplinary research related to cardiovascular disease, particularly those who can work effectively across traditional disciplines and lead collaborative research projects. The programme combines formal training in molecular and cellular biology, physiology of model organisms, human physiology, human genetics, genomics and population health sciences.

The programme brings together world-leading expertise, drawing on faculty at the University of Cambridge’s Schools of Medicine and Biological Sciences and several interdisciplinary institutes: the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Institute of Public Health, Institute of Metabolic Science, and Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine.

The programme’s principal investigators are at the international forefront of their scientific disciplines, and provide breadth of expertise from molecules and cells through animals to large population studies. The training provides an excellent environment for cross-disciplinary research with a sharp focus on translational implications for human health.

The BHF 4-year PhD programme has close links and shares many investigators with the Wellcome Trust funded 4-year PhD programme in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Medicine.

Organisation and Research Area

Cardiovascular Research in Cambridge is centred on the Clinical School Departments of Medicine (Divisions of Cardiovascular Medicine and Respiratory Medicine), Public Health and Primary Care, Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pharmacology, Haematology, and the University Departments of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Physiology. In addition, cardiovascular research comprises defined work streams in several MRC Centres (Stem Cells, Translational Research in Obesity and related metabolic disorders), MRC Units (Epidemiology, Biostatistics), and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute).

The programme comprises three interlinked research areas:

1. Vascular Biology
2. Stem Cell and Developmental Biology
3. Population Health and Genomics

Whilst each of these areas has its own particular expertise, there is extensive collaboration both within and across research areas, providing a multidisciplinary approach to cardiovascular research.

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