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Professor Martin Bennett
  • BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Sciences
01223 746298
Professor Serena Best
  • Professor of Materials Science
01223 334307
Professor Carola Bibiane Schönlieb
  • Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)
Professor John Bradley
  • Director, NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre
01223 336745
Professor Carol Brayne
  • Professor of Public Health Medicine
  • Director, Institute of Public Health
01223 330321
Professor Folma Buss
  • Professor in Molecular and Cellular Dynamics
Professor John Clarkson
  • Professor of Engineering Design
  • Director, Cambridge Engineering Design Centre
Prof Menna Clatworthy
  • Professor of Translational Immunology
  • Honorary Consultant Nephrologist
  • Director of Clinical Studies, Pembroke College
Professor John Danesh
  • BHF Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine
  • Head of Department of Public Health and Primary Care
Prof Anthony Davenport
  • Professor of Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  • Director of the Human Receptor Research group
  • Fellow of St Catharine's College, University of Cambridge
Professor Christi Deaton
  • Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor of Clinical Nursing Research
Professor Emanuele Di Angelantonio
  • NHSBT Professor of Donor Health
  • Academic Director MPhil in Public Health
Professor Sadaf Farooqi
  • Professor of Metabolism and Medicine
Professor Jonathan Gillard
  • Professor of Neuroradiology
Professor Dino A Giussani
  • Professor of Developmental Cardiovascular Physiology and Medicine
  • Director of Perinatal Physiology Research Group at The Barcroft Centre
01223 333894
Professor Robert Glen
  • Professor of Molecular Sciences Informatics
  • Director, The Centre for Molecular Informatics
01223 336472
Professor Julian Griffin
  • Professor in Human Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Group leader at MRC Human Nutrition Research
Professor Bertie Göttgens
  • Professor of Molecular Haematology
01223 336829
Professor Christopher Huang
  • Professor of Cell Physiology
01223 333822
Professor Randall S Johnson
  • Professor of Molecular Physiology and Pathology
  • Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow
01223 765931
Professor Andrew Lever
  • Professor of Infectious Diseases
  • Honorary Consultant Physician
Professor Ziad Mallat
  • BHF Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
01223 768678
Professor Jonathan Mant
  • Professor of Primary Care Research
  • Head of Primary Care Unit
01223 330325
Professor Hugh Markus
  • Professor of Stroke Medicine
  • Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Professor Theresa Marteau
  • Director of the Behaviour and Health Research Unit
Professor Patrick Maxwell
  • Regius Professor of Physic
  • Head of the School of Clinical Medicine
Professor Geoff Moggridge
  • Professor in Chemical Engineering Science
01223 334763
Professor Nick Morrell
  • BHF Professor of Cardiopulmonary Medicine
  • Research Director, National Pulmonary Hypertension Service, Papworth Hospital
01223 331666
Professor Michael Murphy
  • Professor of Mitochondrial Redox Biology
Professor Stephen O'Rahilly
  • Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine
  • Scientific Director, NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre
  • Director, Metabolic Research Laboratories
  • Director, MRC Metabolic Diseases Unit
Professor Willem Ouwehand
  • Professor of Experimental Haematology
01223 588018
Professor Susan Ozanne
  • Professor of Developmental Endocrinology
Professor Stefan Scholtes
  • Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management
01223 339635
Professor Benjamin Simons
  • Herchel Smith Chair in Physics
01223 337253
Professor Ken Smith
  • Genzyme Professor of Experimental Medicine
01223 762645
Professor Nicole Soranzo
  • Professor of Human Genetics
  • Group Leader (Sanger Institute)
Professor David Spring
  • Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Professor Michael Sutcliffe
  • Leader of the Departmental Bioengineering Research Theme
  • Head of the Biomechanics Group
01223 332996
Professor Colin Taylor
  • Professor of Cellular Pharmacology
  • Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator
Professor Ludovic Vallier
  • Professor of Regenerative Medicine
Professor Antonio Vidal-Puig
  • Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism
01223 762790
Professor Nicholas Wareham
  • Director of CEDAR
  • Director of MRC Epidemiology Unit
Professor Ian Wilkinson
  • Professor of Therapeutics
  • Director of Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit
  • Honorary Consultant Physician
01223 336806
Professor Dingchang Zheng
  • Professor of Medical Technology Innovation
  • Department of Medical Science and Public Health

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