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The BMJ's Heart Podcast Digital Media Editor, Professor James Rudd helps keep cardiologists up to date with advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. James has also made various contributions to The Naked Scientists Podcast series.

Dr Catherine Wilson also featured on The Naked Scientists podcast with her groundbreaking work on the 'myc' gene.

Contact Denise Hatherly if you would like your Podcast highlighted here.


Create your own Podcast and Videos at the new Media Lab at the West Hub which is open to all. Cambridge University projects get a 90 minutes of studio and post production time; so why not give it a go!! You can visit the West Hub for a demonstration of the Media Lab facilities, by emailing:


Richard Gawthrop from Cambridge 105 along with Dr Andrew Holding (formerly of CRUK, and now at York) have started a new Radio show. The aim is to share a joy and a love of science and critical thinking in a relaxed and informal setting On a weekly basis Andrew and Richard will jump on a zoom call and discuss some recent science news, explore topics that interest them, and take listener questions. At this point they are looking for people who would be happy to jump on a zoom call for something like 10-25 minutes and have a chat about what they do If this sounds of interest to you please get in touch with- - and she will make an introduction to Richard.

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We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge and beyond.

For inquiries about our research, please contact Dr Jane Sugars

For enquiries about our website or joining Cambridge Cardiovascular, please contact Denise Hatherly

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