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Our next members' 1-day event featuring talks from Cambridge Cardiovascular researchers, poster competition and an invited external speaker will be held at the Moller Centre on 20 April 2023.

Please REGISTER to attend if you plan to join us as this is a ticket only event.


Poster abstracts will be made available to participants closer to the event.


08:45 Registration, Refreshments  
09:15 Welcome and Overview of Event: Martin Bennett  

Session 1: Population and  Data  Science

Chairs John Danesh, Angela Wood

Dr Genevieve Cezard, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

The impact of vaccination on the association of Covid-19 diagnosis with cardiovascular diseases
09:35 Dr Carles Foguet, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

Genetically personalised organ-specific metabolic models:  A new tool to characterise how genetic variants condition metabolic phenotypes

09:50 Dr Lisa Pennells, Department of Public Health and Primary Care SCORE2-Diabetes: new calibrated models to estimate 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes in Europe

Dr Spencer Keene, Department of Public Health and Primary Care

The long-term risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease in patients after coronavirus infection compared with influenza/pneumonia
10:20 Wrap-up / questions  
  Session 2: Functional Genomics Chairs: Hugh Markus, Eric Harshfield
10:25 Prof Nicole Soranzo, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Endothelial cell and other large-scale single cell RNA analyses

10:40 Mr Bernard Cho, Department of Clinical Neurosciences Association of Vascular Risk Factors and Genetic Factors with Penetrance of Variants Causing Monogenic Stroke
10:55 Dr Stefan Graf, Department of Medicine Dysregulated molecular networks of rare vasculopathies
11:10 Wrap-up / questions  
11:15 Refreshments  
  Session 3: Cardiovascular medicine Chairs; Ziad Mallat, Helle Jorgensen

Dr Emma Yu, Department of Medicine

Mitochondrial regulation of atherosclerosis
11:55 Mr Semih Bayraktar, Department of Medicine High resolution single cell analysis of the developing human heart and the great vessels

Dr Meritxell Nus, Department of Medicine

Marginal Zone B cell - T follicular helper cell interactions protect from atherosclerosis
12:25 Dr Xuan Li, Department of Medicine Regulation of microtubule function in ischaemic heart failure
12:40 Wrap-up / questions  
12:45 Lunch and poster session  
  Session 4: Cardiometabolic medicine Chairs: Wei Li; Rachael Crewe
14:15 Prof Toni Vidal Puig, Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science Lipid metabolism in macrophages and cardiometabolic risk
14:30 Prof Roger Foo, Genome Institute of Singapore Target discovery through cardiac epigenetics
14:45 Dr Albert Koulman, Wellcome-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science Quantitative lipidomics, yielding biomarkers for lifestyle nutrition and disease risk
15:00 Dr Ana Vujic, Department of Medicine Interference with mitochondrial RET-ROS generation results in metabolic changes and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF)
15:15 Wrap-up / questions  
  Session 5: Translation Chairs: Ian Wilkinson, Emma Hodson
15:20 Dr Kevin Woollard, AstraZeneca Target discovery and development for cardio renal diseases

Dr Rouchelle Sriranjan, Department of Medicine

Immune modulation in ACS: The IVORY trial
15:50 Dr Andrej Corovic, Department of Medicine Somatostatin receptor PET/MR imaging of inflammation post-myocardial infarction
16:05 Dr Robin Brown, Department of Clinical Neurosciences Central and peripheral inflammation in cerebral small vessel disease
16:20 Wrap-up / questions  
16:25 Refreshments  

Distinguished Lecturer


Prof Borja Ibanez, National Centre for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid

Mitochondria-targeted therapies for anthracycline cardiotoxicity
17:35 Closing remarks and poster prizes  
17:40 Drinks reception and further networking  

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