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The interactions of matrix metalloproteinases with platelets and extracellular matrix components and subsequent effects on platelet behaviour and thrombus formation.


Key publications: 

Howes J-M, Pugh N, Hamaia SW, Jung SM, Knäuper V, Malcor J-D, Farndale RW. MMP-13 binds to platelet receptors αIIbβ3 and GPVI and impairs aggregation and thrombus formation. Res Prac Thromb Haem. 2018: 2; 370-379.

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Jung SM, Moroi M, Soejima K, Nakagaki T, Miura Y, Berndt MC, Gardiner EE, Howes J-M, Pugh N, Bihan D, Watson SP, Farndale RW. Constitutive dimerization of glycoprotein VI (GPVI) in resting platelets is essential for binding to collagen and activation in flowing blood. JBC. 2012: 287; 30000-13.


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