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I am a leading research expert in cardiovascular engineering, working across multidisciplinary areas with electronic engineers, medical physicists, computer scientists, clinical consultants, industrial partners, guideline makers, and allied professionals at different stages along the pathway of cardiovascular device development and commercialization. I have earned my international reputation in research and development of novel cardiovascular technologies and devices with scientific and socioeconomic impacts to address unmet clinical needs, particularly in novel blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurement techniques, and recent developments on wearable devices and IoT monitoring system for early detection of pre-term labor, pregnancy induced hypertension, pneumonia, sleep apnoea, and the big-data-centric hearing impairment rehabilitation solution.

My significant academic achievement and contributions have been demonstrated in leading funded research, supervising research students and staff, publishing world class research outcomes, editing peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, developing novel devices and evaluating device effectiveness.

I have also been well recognized for my inspirational leadership in academic course development, and my enthusiasm in promoting knowledge and technology exchanges, building up educational and research collaborations, and facilitating technology adoption in developing countries, including China and countries in Africa, with the aims to promote the adoption of healthcare technologies in these partner countries.


Key publications: 

1. Chen M, Chen A, Si X, Ji M, Zheng D. Peripheral arterial volume distensibility changes with applied external pressure: significant difference between arteries with different compliance. Scientific Report 2017; Article Number: 40545; Doi:10.1038/srep40545.2. Fan P, PY He, Lu CY, Murray A, Zheng D. Validation of Korotkoff stethoscope sounds during blood pressure measurement: Analysis using a convolutional neural network. IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2017, 21(6):1593-1598.
3. Chen WA, Chen F, Feng Y, Chen A, Zheng D. Quantitative assessment of blood pressure measurement accuracy and variability from visual auscultation method by observers without receiving medical training. BioMed Research International 2017; Article ID 3537079,
4. Zhang M, Zhang XM, Chen F, Chen A, Dong B, Zheng D. Effects of room environment and nursing experience on clinical BP measurement: an observational study. Blood Press Monit 2017; 22: 79-85.
5. Gao P, Hao DM, Qiu Q, An Y, Wang Y, Yang L, Yang YM, Zhang S, Li XW, Zheng D. Comparison of electrohysterogram signal measured by surface electrodes with different designs: A computational study with dipole band and abdomen models. Scientific Report 2017; 7: doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-17109-3.

Professor of Medical Technology Innovation
Department of Medical Science and Public Health
Professor Dingchang  Zheng

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