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AXA Research Fund supports basic research dedicated to a better understanding of risk. Post-Doctoral projects funded by the AXA Research Fund must be related to and should contribute to a better understanding of one of three clusters of risks: Environmental Risks, Life Risks, and Socio-Economic Risks. Please read through the list of topics of interest to AXA to confirm your eligibility for a Fellowship.
The awarded fellowships will be funded for 2 years. Please refer to the above document for all other terms and conditions of the AXA junior postdoctoral fellowships, including the detailed assessment criteria and the 4 stage application process. Further information about the fellowships can be found within AXA FAQ.


The candidates must have been awarded their PhD within 5 years preceding the submission of the proposal. Please note that international mobility is strongly encouraged and that AXA expects that most of the successful candidates move to another country between current and targeted position. International mobility is more valued than national mobility. Where a candidate remains in the same institution a clear justification of such a decision is required. If the candidate doesn’t change the institution and/or country between the current institution and the targeted post-doc position, it is expected that they have spent at least 1 term abroad since their graduation or Master’s thesis.

The number of proposals per institution is limited and therefore this call will be coordinated according to University’s Restricted Calls Process.
The institutions will be informed how many applications they can submit on 10th November 2014 or soon after.
Internal Selection

Applicants for the internal selection should either plan to move to another country between current and targeted position, or should have spent at least minimum of 1 term abroad. All applicants should have at least one important publication without the participation of their PhD supervisor. The internal selection panel will use the assessment criteria outlined in AXA’s guidance document (pages 7-8).
Please submit your internal application form, current CV with publications (2 pages maximum + ½ page for most relevant publications) and Head of Department support letter to by 7th November 2014. The prospective applicants should inform their Department that supporting letters will be needed as soon as possible, so that they can be prepared in good time. The letter should confirm that the Department is happy to host the project, the reasons why the Department is recommending and supporting the particular proposal and a critical review of the proposal and its relative assessment.
Sponsor deadline for this stage of the call: 15th Dec 2014

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