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BHF Centre of Excellence's First Clinical Research Fellow

The BHF Cambridge Centre of Excellence has appointed Miss Clare Burdett as their first Clinical Research Training Fellow. The Centre offers up to two 12-month Fellowships each year with salaries and consumables budget to allow exceptional candidates to focus on their research ideas full-time.  The purpose of the Fellowships is to promote novel, inter-disciplinary research into cardiovascular disease, and Fellows are expected to apply for external clinical fellowships after the first year.

Clinical Research Training Fellow 2014-2015

Clare Burdett is a Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery.  She has moved to Cambridge to pursue her interest in medical materials research. Her Fellowship project focuses on improving the design and materials used in mitral valve rings.  These rings are key to the treatment of ischaemic regurgitation and other mitral diseases, but at present, can restrict the heart’s motion.

Clare will identify materials that match the required properties as closely as possible, produce prototype mitral rings, test and refine these in an appropriate ex vivo models and ultimately test functionality in a suitable in vivo model. The project will bring together expertise in Materials Sciences (Professors Serena Best and Ruth Cameron) and Cardiothoracic Surgery (Mr Francis Wells), with additional academic support from Dr Sanjay Sinha (Cardiology).

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