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Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence (2019-2024) has awarded up to £1,000,000 to support innovative ideas through pump-priming. The funds help our researchers produce preliminary data before they submit a project grant application to an external funding body.

Our current award holders (11 projects) are listed below.

Name Title Award Year
Dr Dirk Paul, Dr Adam ButterworthDr Hilary Martin (Sanger)
Phenotypic analysis of “human knockouts” of coronary artery disease risk genes £24,530 2019
Professor Dino A. Giussani, Prof. Nick W. Morrell, Prof. Mike P. MurphyProf. Susan E. Ozanne Developmental Programming of Pulmonary Hypertension £49,308 2019
Prof. A. Vidal-Puig,  Dr. Thomas Krieg Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms linking heart failure and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease £40,000 2019
Dr Adam ButterworthDr Eoin McKinney The role of autoantibodies in cardiovascular disease: a pilot study £41,000 2019
Dr. Praveen Surendran, Dr. Angela M. Wood Prof. John DaneshDr Adam Butterworth Protein N-glycosylation as functional intermediate phenotypes of cardiovascular disease (CVD) £50,000 2019
Prof Ziad Mallat, Prof George Vassiliou Clonal haematopoiesis and abdominal aortic aneurysm £46,526 2019
Dr Nick Evans, Prof Hugh Markus, Dr Sofia Villar,  (MRC-BSU), Dr Zhongzhao Teng

Inhibiting HDAC9 as a novel treatment for large artery atherosclerotic stroke: a pilot study


Dr Navazh Jalaludeen, Dr Kaisa Maki-Petaja , Dr Thomas Krieg, Dr Joseph Cheriyan, Prof Menna Clatworthy, Dr Andrew Conway Morris, Dr Vilas Navapurkar, Dr Peter Pugh, Dr Stephen Hoole, Dr Alain Vuylsteke, Dr Jonathan Weir-McCall, Dr Paul Cacciottolo, Dr Will Watson Cambridge Investigation of Cardiac Complications of Severe COVID-19 (CICERO-19)  £25,000  2020
Dr Jason Tarkin, Dr Meritxell Nus, Dr Andrew Sage, Tian Zhao, Deepa Gopalan,  Dr Andrej Corovic, Dr James Rudd, Prof Ziad Mallat Multi-modality imaging and immunophenotyping of COVID-19 related myocardial injury  £25,000  2020
Dr Sanjay Sinha, Prof. Anthony Davenport (Clinical Pharmacology), Prof. Paul Lehner (Medicine), Dr Nick Matheson (Medicine). Cardiovascular involvement in COVID-19 £25,000  2020
Cedric Ghevaert, Amie Waller

Molecular mechanism underlying late-stage pathology in COVID19 – platelets and megakaryocytes



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