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Cardiovascular SRI Introduction

Cardiovascular Strategic Research Initiative (SRI) is a cross-School activity aiming to transform Cambridge into a world-leading hub for cardiovascular research. The Initiative is funded by the University of Cambridge and it is led jointly by Prof Martin Bennett and Prof Nick Morrell with guidance from a Steering group spanning 5 out of 6 Schools (Clinical Medicine, Biological Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology).

The Initiative hosts this website and is involved in organising events of all sizes - from research seminars to Cambridge Science Festival. It is open to all cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge area and joining is simple - just email Dr Katja Kivinen or Ms Vicky Reid to get started. Members are invited to create their own online research profiles and can request administrative and financial support to invite potential collaborators to visit Cambridge and to organise seminars, workshops, and other events.

Cardiovascular SRI was first approved by the Research Policy Committee in 2013 for three years, and was renewed in 2016 for another three. We strive to become an Interdisciplinary Research Centre in 2019, and have started reviewing our strategy towards this goal. The Initiative's original aims are listed below:

  1. Pursue the highest quality basic cardiovascular research and translate the research into improved therapies, disease management, healthcare & preventive strategies at the population level. 
  2. Raise the research profile of cardiovascular researchers nationally and internationally, demonstrating the strength and diversity of the existing research, and attracting new investigators and research partnerships.
  3. Provide a platform for cross-disciplinary research collaborations, major funding bids, research training and educational activities.
  4. Develop strategic partnerships between disciplines and between academia and industry.
  5. Identify new ways of influencing cardiovascular health through collaborations between clinicians, public health, and social sciences.
  6. Develop a cross-School research strategy to maximise funding opportunities and to enhance translation. 
  7. Create a portal for engagement with clinical trials units and with clinicians for the translation of research findings into new therapeutics, devices and approaches.
  8. Help Cambridge research influence funders and government to determine future research and investment strategy and government policy on cardiovascular health.


Cambridge Cardiovascular logo - transparent

Logo design by Dr Ana-Mishel Spiroski and Dr Sarah Morgan.


We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

Please follow us on Twitter for local news about research, events, funding calls, and open positions.

For inquiries about our research or the website, please contact Dr Katja Kivinen.