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Cambridge Cardiovascular


Making Industrialists from Cardiorespiratory Research Opportunities

Cardiovascular and respiratory research are major research priorities for the University of Cambridge. Development plans for the Biomedical campus include the new Heart and Lung Research Institute, forged on cutting edge expertise in translational medical sciences and the goal to deliver a sustainable programme of new designated cardiorespiratory medicines or diagnostic approaches in collaboration with industry and partnership with the newly relocated Royal Papworth Hospital.

Tim Allsopp has many years’ experience working as an industrialist, at the interface with public sector research organizations and understand the motivation to commercialise research and the dynamics of the process. He is engaged with the University as an Industry Expert in Residence

Tim is available to the cardiorespiratory community within the Cambridge CRE/HLRI and is interested in forging new collaborations in translational medical sciences with the researchers.

Project MICRO (Making Industrialists from Cardiorespiratory Research Opportunities) will develop a future generation of entrepreneurs, business leaders and biotechnologists from the medical sciences investigator base of the BHF funded Centre for Cardiovascular Research Excellence (CCRE) and a future new Heart and Lung Research Institute (HLRI), University of Cambridge.

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We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge.

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