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In 2013, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) awarded Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol £2,500,000 to form the BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine (CRM). The Centre was renewed in 2017 as a collaboration between Universities of Oxford, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds, and Manchester.

The Centre brings together world-leading research groups integrating expertise in cardiovascular repair and regeneration (Oxford), and wound healing (Bristol), with major focus on stem cells and genetics in the context of regeneration (Cambridge).

The Centre is led by Prof Paul Riley (Oxford) and managed by Dr Tertia Softley (Oxford). The Cambridge part of the Centre is led by Dr Sanjay Sinha and managed by Dr Jane Sugars.

The Centre will bridge the principles of cardiovascular development, stem cell biology, cardiac physiology, and medicine from basic research towards biomedical applications.

The Centre's research themes are:

  1. Cardiovascular stem cell physiology
  2. Human developmental models of cardiovascular diseases
  3. Resolving inflammation/fibrosis in the context of regeneration

The concept underlying the Centre is that the coalescence of basic stem cell and developmental biology with translational research is key to underpin effective future clinical applications.

The Centre is designed to be truly collaborative across the partner universities with projects led jointly by Principal Investigators. The original funding saw the establishment of a 4-year PhD studentship programme with students under joint supervision, and the renewed Centre has recruited several postdoctoral researchers to focus on inter-Centre flagship projects.

The Centre's aims are:

  • To provide new insights into cardiovascular stem cell function and potency
  • To harness the capacity of endogenous stem cell and progenitor cells for repair and regeneration
  • To exploit stem cells as tools for studying the molecular pathogenesis of human diseases and discovery of therapeutic agents
  • To nurture future generations of cardiovascular stem cell scientists in an intellectually invigorating environment of basic and translational research.

The BHF Oxbridge CRM is one of three BHF Centres of Regenerative Medicine, with the other Centres based in Imperial College London and the University of Edinburgh. All three Centres are funded by the BHF Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

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We connect cardiovascular researchers in Cambridge and beyond.

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