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There are no BHF CRM studentships awarded for the 2017-2021 grant.

BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine awarded five 4-year PhD studentships (2014-2018). The studentships were collaborative with joint supervision between two sites and resources allocated for regular meetings.

Additionally, each student was expected to visit their co-supervisor's group to learn a new technique or a skill that will support their thesis project, as well as to act as a catalyst for further collaborative projects between the two research groups.

Please follow the links below to each student's research profile.

Name Location Supervisors Title
Mr Giovanni Canu Cambridge

Prof Ludovic Vallier & Prof Roger Patient

Cell-cycle dependent mechanisms controlling differentiation of haematopoietic stem cells (Theme 2)
Ms Madeline McNamara Cambridge Dr Sanjay Sinha & Prof Shoumo Bhattacharya Development of new therapies for Marfan Syndrome using an in vitro human iPSC disease model (Theme 2)
Ms Eleanor Price Oxford Prof Paul Riley & Dr Sanjay Sinha Investigating a role for hypoxia and HIF-mediated signalling in epicardial activation during development and neonatal cardiac regeneration (Theme 1)
Ms Caroline Telfer Oxford Prof Roger Patient & Prof Paul Martin Identifying heterogeneity in the adult zebrafish myocardium (Theme 1)
Ms Tonia Thomas Oxford Dr Nicola Smart & Dr Amer Rana Neovascularisation of the heart post-MI: A role for endocardial trabeculation? (Theme 1)



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