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BHF Oxbridge CRM Investigators

BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine brings together world-leading basic and translational research groups under three overlapping themes:

  1. Cardiovascular stem cell physiology
  2. Human developmental models of cardiovascular disease
  3. Resolving inflammation/fibrosis in the context of regeneration

Please follow the links below to read more about the research our investigators do.

Prof Martin Bennett Cambridge Role of progenitor cells in vascular disease
Prof Kevin Brindle Cambridge Imaging for non-invasive tracking of cells in vivo
Dr Cedric Ghevaert Cambridge High-throughput production of blood cells from haematopoietic or pluripotent stem cells
Dr Helle Jørgensen Cambridge Epigenetic regulation in cardiovascular differentiation
Prof Nick Morrell Cambridge Using iPSCs to model pulmonary arterial hypertension and drug screening
Prof Roger Pedersen Cambridge Maintenance of hESC pluripotency and pathways for early cardiomyocyte differentiation
Dr Amer Rana Cambridge Pluripotency and direct nuclear programming: viable cell and gene therapies (PAH)
Dr Sanjay Sinha Cambridge Use of embryonic stem cells to model SMC differentiation for vascular disease and drug screening
Prof Austin Smith Cambridge Stem cell self-renewal and commitment: pluripotency and lineage choice
Prof Ludovic Vallier Cambridge Endoderm differentiation and use of iPSCs for modelling disease and drug development
Prof Karl Laugwitz

Cambridge / Munich

hPSC for cardiovascular disease modelling: heart development
Prof Alessandra Moretti Cambridge / Munich hPSC for the molecular characterisation of cardiovascular disease
Prof Paul Riley Oxford Programming the failing heart to a regenerative state
Prof Shoumo Bhattacharya Oxford Transcription factor and signalling networks in cardiogenesis
Prof Robin Choudhury Oxford Functional imaging of atherosclerosis and vascular disease
Dr Paul Fairchild Oxford Stem cell biology and immunology: transplantation tolerance
Prof David Greaves Oxford Inflammation: macrophage and SMC recruitment
Prof Sten Erik Jacobsen Oxford Regulation of haematopoietic stem cell fate and lineage development
Prof Roger Patient Oxford Programming blood and the cardiovascular system
Dr Jurgen Schneider Oxford Development of fast cardiac MRI: functional imaging
Dr Shankar Srinivas Oxford Cell movement and fate during mammalian embryogenesis: early heart development
Prof Hugh Watkins Oxford Molecular genetics of heart muscle disease and complex cardiovascular traits
Dr Matthew Daniels Oxford Stem cell derived models of inherited heart disease
Dr Nicola Smart Oxford Coronary vascular development and disease
Dr Mathilda Mommersteeg Oxford Cave fish heart regeneration
Prof Paul Martin Bristol Inflammation in wound healing

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