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I am a HEFCE Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Cardiology at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge.

My research interests are in vascular imaging, using CT, MRI and nuclear methods. I apply biomechanical and mathematical methods and AI to refine risk on top of imaging and demographic factors. I work across disease states, including stroke, ischaemic heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, aortic aneurysm, rheumatoid arthritis and pulmonary hypertension. Anywhere where there are arteries!

My research is/has been supported by HEFCE, the Wellcome Trust, the British Heart Foundation, the Evelyn Trust, the Academy of Medical Sciences, EPSRC and the NIHR Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre.

I have raised over £6 million in research grant income since becoming a principal investigator in 2009, including the establishment of the EPSRC Centre for Mathematics in Healthcare in Cambridge as Clinical PI (£2.1M, 2016). I also serve on the HDRUK-Cambridge Executive Committee as of June 2019.

I have many high impact publications, including in The Lancet, Circulation, The Journal of the American College of Cardiology and Nature Communications. I have an H index of 49, with 9573 total citations. I have supervised or co-supervised 8 research fellows through successful PhD, MPhil and ACF projects, gaining substantive external funding in each case from either the Wellcome Trust or British Heart Foundation.

I have been commissioned to write editorials and reviews by Nature Cardiovascular, Circulation Research, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging, Journal of the American College of Cardiology and the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

I have delivered plenary lectures at major conferences within the last 5 years, including the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology, European Atherosclerosis Society, International Atherosclerosis Society, The Society of Nuclear Medicine, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine and the British Cardiovascular Society.

After medical training in the UK and Australia, my PhD at the University of Cambridge described the first use of FDG PET for atherosclerotic plaque imaging and was funded by a British Heart Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship.

I was awarded a British Heart Foundation International Fellowship to work with Professor Zahi Fayad at Mount Sinai Medical Centre in New York. I was a British Atherosclerosis Society Young Investigator in 2003, and the Society of Nuclear Medicine Young Investigator in 2006. Collaborative work between my group and colleagues at Edinburgh University describing vascular NaF PET imaging for predicting heart attack has won the 2011 RSNA Young Investigator Prize and the 2012 Parmley prize from the American College of Cardiology. My PhD students have been successful at winning national and international research awards, including the 2018 Parmley prize from the American College of Cardiology for work describing a new way of quantifying vascular inflammation.

I was a member of the Programme Committee of the British Cardiovascular Society from 2009-2015 and a member of the European Society of Cardiology Working Group of Nuclear Cardiology and CT since 2007. I am a member of the SHAPE scientific advisory board, the MRC-MHRA PET Imaging Advisory Committee and the HDRUK Cambridge centre.

I am an Associate Editor and the Digital Media Editor of the BMJ Journal 'Heart', where I host their podcasts. I enjoy science outreach - here are my appearances on the Naked Scientists radio show.

I was a 2017 British Science Association Media Fellow, during which time I worked as a Science Correspondent at The Guardian. See a full list of the articles I published there.


  • Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge - here
  • Publications on Pubmed - here
  • Google Scholar - here
  • Cancer Centre, University of Cambridge - here
  • EPSRC Cambridge Mathematics in Healthcare Centre - here
  • Twitter - @jhfrudd
  • Youtube - jhfrudd


Key publications: 

Last 10 publications are listed below - the full list can be accessed here

  1. Roberts, M., Driggs, D., Thorpe, M., Gilbey, J., Yeung, M., Ursprung, S., RUDD JHF, Sala, E, Schoenlieb, C. -B. (2021) Common pitfalls and recommendations for using machine learning to detect and prognosticate for COVID-19 using chest radiographs and CT scans. Nature Machine Intelligence. (Joint Senior Author). doi:10.1038/s42256-021-00307-0

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  4. Le, E. P. V., Rundo, L., Tarkin, J. M., Evans, N. R., Chowdhury, M. M., Coughlin, P. A., . . . Rudd, J. H. F. (2021). Assessing robustness of carotid artery CT angiography radiomics in the identification of culprit lesions in cerebrovascular events.. Nature Scientific Reports, 11(1), 3499. doi:10.1038/s41598-021-82760-w

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HEFCE Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine
Honorary Consultant in Cardiology at Addenbrookes and University of Cambridge
Dr James  Rudd