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Dr Sophie Gu

Dr Sophie Gu

BHF clinical research training fellow

Research Interests

Research title: Biomechanical assessment of plaque vulnerability


Atherosclerotic plaque rupture is associated with heart attack and stroke, and previous clinical studies have identified high-risk plaque features which are associated with poor clinical outcomes. However, only 10% of plaques with high-risk features rupture, giving a low predictive yield. Plaque rupture also involves complex biomechanical interactions, rupture is caused when the plaque structural stress exceeds its strength. My current research work aims to:

  1. identify the effect of drug treatments on plaque structural stress over time
  2. evaluate plaque compositional/geometrical change parameters that determine changes in plaque stress with treatment
  3. develop novel techniques using a large intravascular image library to study the biomechanics of plaque rupture


Intravascular imaging ; biomechanical analysis of plaque rupture ; vulnerable plaque identification ; machine learning


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