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Dr Xu Chen

As part of a project funded by the British Heart Foundation and in collaboration with the Cambridge Image Analysis Group, I play a crucial role in developing an AI-based diagnostic tool for coronary artery disease. Using Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans, our tool aims to provide cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities by detecting abnormal tissues and generating clinical measurements. This experience enriches my expertise in medical imaging, AI in healthcare, and advanced data analysis techniques.

Read more at: Dr Shiv Bhakta

Dr Shiv Bhakta

BHF Clinical Research Training Fellow

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Dr Christopher Osuafor

BHF Clinical Research Training Fellow

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Dr Kirsty Foote

A highly experienced Senior Research Scientist with expertise using preclinical in vivo models, skilled in cell and molecular biology. Specialised in the field of Cardiovascular Physiology and Aging. Successfully authored scientific publications in high impact journals with proven effectiveness in leading scientific projects and fostering effective collaborations. Passionate about outreach volunteering and an active science tutor.

Read more at: Dr Daniel Greene

Dr Daniel Greene

BHF Fellow

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