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James Cooper

James Cooper

Senior Research Technician

Research Interests

Prior to my current role, I worked at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as an Advanced Research Assistant, expanding and maintaining the International Knockout Mouse Consortium (IKMC) miRNA Knockout Resource (miRKO), with focus on high-throughput vector construction, mouse ES cell culture, targeting, and genotyping.

I moved to the University in March 2014, to provide core support to the newly established BHF Oxbridge Centre of Regenerative Medicine. My primary role has been in Genome Engineering with focus on editing/transgenics using CRISPR/Cas9 - projects I have been involved with so far have been listed below:



transfection ; gene expression profiling ; stem cells ; mammalian cell culture ; genotyping ; gene targeting ; vector construction ; CRISPR-Cas9 ; regenerative medicine

Key Publications

Optimized inducible shRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 platforms for in vitro studies of human development using hPSCs. Bertero A, Pawlowski M, Ortmann D, Snijders K, Yiangou L, Cardoso de Brito M, Brown S, Bernard WG, Cooper JD, Giacomelli E, Gambardella L, Hannan NR, Iyer D, Sampaziotis F, Serrano F, Zonneveld MC, Sinha S, Kotter M, Vallier L. Development. 2016 Dec 1;143(23):4405-4418.


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