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Professor Stefan Scholtes


statistical analysis ; operations management

Key Publications

Kuntz, L., Mennicken, R. and Scholtes, S. (2014) "Stress on the ward: evidence of safety tipping points in hospitals." Management Science (forthcoming)

Savva, N. and Scholtes, S. (2014) "Opt-out options in new product co-development partnerships." Production and Operations Management (DOI: 10.1111/poms.12059) (published online Aug 2013; forthcoming in print)

de Neufville R. and Scholtes, S. (2011) Flexibility in engineering design. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Kuosmanen, T., Post, G.T. and Scholtes, S. (2007) "Non-parametric tests of productive efficiency with errors-in-variables." Journal of Econometrics, 136(1): 131-162

Scholtes, S. (2004) "Nonconvex structures in nonlinear programming." Operations Research, 52(3): 368-383

Kuntz, L. and Scholtes, S. (2000) "Measuring the robustness of empirical efficiency valuations." Management Science, 46(6): 807-823

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