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I work with Professor Dino Giussani to determine the long-term impact of combined effects of chronic fetal hypoxia and prenatal glucocorticoids on cardiovascular function in offspring, and whether antenatal mitochondria-targeted antioxidant (MitoQ) treatment can prevent adverse cardiovascular consequences.

My research interests are: 

  1. Fetal hypoxia and developmental programming of heart disease
  2. Perinatal glucocorticoid treatment and developmental programming of heart disease, and
  3. Cardiac metabolism and developmental programming of heart disease


Key publications: 

Noninvasive high-intensity focused ultrasound treatment of twin-twin transfusion syndrome: A preliminary in vivo study. Shaw CJ, Civale J, Botting KJ, Niu Y, Ter Haar G, Rivens I, Giussani DA, Lees CC. Sci Transl Med. 2016 Jul 13;8(347):347ra95.

Impaired Nitric Oxide Mediated Vasodilation In The Peripheral Circulation In The R6/2 Mouse Model Of Huntington's Disease. Kane AD, Niu Y, Herrera EA, Morton AJ, Giussani DA. Sci Rep. 2016 May 16;6:25979.

Fetal in vivo continuous cardiovascular function during chronic hypoxia. Allison BJ, Brain KL, Niu Y, Kane AD, Herrera EA, Thakor AS, Botting KJ, Cross CM, Itani N, Skeffington KL, Beck C, Giussani DA. J Physiol. 2016 Mar 1;594(5):1247-64.

Induction of controlled hypoxic pregnancy in large mammalian species. Brain KL, Allison BJ, Niu Y, Cross CM, Itani N, Kane AD, Herrera EA, Giussani DA. Physiol Rep. 2015 Dec;3(12). pii: e12614.

Melatonin rescues cardiovascular dysfunction during hypoxic development in the chick embryo. Itani N, Skeffington KL, Beck C, Niu Y, Giussani DA. J Pineal Res. 2016 Jan;60(1):16-26.

Melatonin modulates the fetal cardiovascular defense response to acute hypoxia. Thakor AS, Allison BJ, Niu Y, Botting KJ, Serón-Ferré M, Herrera EA, Giussani DA. J Pineal Res. 2015 Aug;59(1):80-90.

Maternal diet-induced obesity programs cardiovascular dysfunction in adult male mouse offspring independent of current body weight. Blackmore HL, Niu Y, Fernandez-Twinn DS, Tarry-Adkins JL, Giussani DA, Ozanne SE. Endocrinology. 2014 Oct;155(10):3970-80.

Heart disease link to fetal hypoxia and oxidative stress. Giussani DA, Niu Y, Herrera EA, Richter HG, Camm EJ, Thakor AS, Kane AD, Hansell JA, Brain KL, Skeffington KL, Itani N, Wooding FB, Cross CM, Allison BJ. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2014;814:77-87.

Xanthine oxidase and the fetal cardiovascular defence to hypoxia in late gestation ovine pregnancy. Kane AD, Hansell JA, Herrera EA, Allison BJ, Niu Y, Brain KL, Kaandorp JJ, Derks JB, Giussani DA. J Physiol. 2014 Feb 1;592(3):475-89.

Statins prevent adverse effects of postnatal glucocorticoid therapy on the developing brain in rats. Tijsseling D, Camm EJ, Richter HG, Herrera EA, Kane AD, Niu Y, Cross CM, de Vries WB, Derks JB, Giussani DA. Pediatric research. 2013; 74(6):639-45.

Full publication list can be found here.

Senior Research Associate
Director of the Heart Laboratory at the Barcroft Centre
Dr Youguo  Niu


Collaborator profiles: 
Person keywords: 
Developmental programming
heart disease
prenatal hypoxia