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Restricted Call: The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation: Allen Distinguished Investigators Program

Life Science Focus 2015: Alzheimer’s Disease

Internal selection deadline: Wednesday 12th November 2014 (midday) 

The Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) Program seeks to fund a select group of investigators to pursue new, pioneering research that collectively ‘moves the needle’ towards answering broad scientific questions. The most promising proposals will incorporate novel, creative, and ambitious approaches. The program is especially interested in proposals that are unlikely to receive funding from traditional government sources.

This current request for proposals focuses on the basic biology of Alzheimer’s Disease with an emphasis on cellular biology.

Eligibility: The call is limited to interdisciplinary teams that bring together researchers in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease paired with researchers in other fields (e.g. lipid biology, immunology, cerebro/vascular biology, bioenergetics, biostatistics, biomedical engineers, etc.). Teams may include researchers from outside the University of Cambridge .  Scientists at any stage of their career may apply.  Potential research areas include, but are not limited to:

  • The interplay/relationship between contributors to Alzheimer’s pathology.
  • Consequences of transmission and spread of Alzheimer’s Disease pathology
  • Investigation into the APOE-Amyloid-Tau interaction and roles in disease progression
  • Upstream contributors that lead to downstream proteinopathies, oxidative stress, etc.
  • Investigation into why some cell types more vulnerable/resistant than others; bolstering the protective ability of neurons
  • Development of new cellular biology methods or techniques that will change or enhance capabilities in Alzheimer’s Disease research

Funding: The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation expects to fund between 5 and 7 projects with a total funding of $1M-$1.5M, for each project, spanning a 3-year period. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has a 0% indirect cost policy. Funding is intended to provide a sustainable funding stream for one or more investigators allowing them sufficient time to investigate big questions in-depth, using risky, novel approaches.

Restricted Call: Institutions are permitted to submit up to two applications.  This call is restricted and will be coordinated according to the University’s restricted calls policy. Applicants are requested to submit an internal selection form together with a letter of support from the Head of Department where the project will be hosted to: by Wednesday 12th November 2014 (midday). Funder Deadline is 30 January 2015 (midnight PST).

Further details and enquiries:  Full details on this call, including further information on the program goals, application process and funder’s requirements are attached. Further information about the foundation can be found here:

Contacts and guidance:
If you have any queries about this call, please get in touch with:
Dr Yolande Cordeaux
External: 01223 332335
Internal: 32335

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