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Professor David Spring


Key Publications

Linear Aliphatic Dialkynes as Alternative Linkers for Double-Click Stapling of p53-Derived Peptides. Lau YH, de Andrade P, McKenzie GJ, Venkitaraman AR, Spring DR. Chembiochem. 2014 Dec 15;15(18):2680-3.

Diversity-oriented synthesis of drug-like macrocyclic scaffolds using an orthogonal organo- and metal catalysis strategy. Grossmann A, Bartlett S, Janecek M, Hodgkinson JT, Spring DR. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2014 Nov 24;53(48):13093-7.

Peptide stapling techniques based on different macrocyclisation chemistries. Lau YH, de Andrade P, Wu Y, Spring DR. Chem Soc Rev. 2015 Jan 7;44(1):91-102.

Arene C-H functionalisation using a removable/modifiable or a traceless directing group strategy. Zhang F, Spring DR. Chem Soc Rev. 2014 Oct 21;43(20):6906-19.

High content screening of diverse compound libraries identifies potent modulators of tubulin dynamics. Laraia L, Stokes J, Emery A, McKenzie GJ, Venkitaraman AR, Spring DR. ACS Med Chem Lett. 2014 Feb 24;5(5):598-603.

Investigating peptide sequence variations for 'double-click' stapled p53 peptides. Lau YH, de Andrade P, Sköld N, McKenzie GJ, Venkitaraman AR, Verma C, Lane DP, Spring DR. Org Biomol Chem. 2014 Jun 28;12(24):4074-7.

Diversity-oriented synthesis as a tool for identifying new modulators of mitosis. Ibbeson BM, Laraia L, Alza E, O' Connor CJ, Tan YS, Davies HM, McKenzie G, Venkitaraman AR, Spring DR. Nat Commun. 2014;5:3155.

How diverse are diversity assessment methods? A comparative analysis and benchmarking of molecular descriptor space. Koutsoukas A, Paricharak S, Galloway WR, Spring DR, Ijzerman AP, Glen RC, Marcus D, Bender A. J Chem Inf Model. 2014 Jan 27;54(1):230-42.

A strategy for the diversity-oriented synthesis of macrocyclic scaffolds using multidimensional coupling. Beckmann HS, Nie F, Hagerman CE, Johansson H, Tan YS, Wilcke D, Spring DR. Nat Chem. 2013 Oct;5(10):861-7.

More publications available through PubMed.

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