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Professor Danesh is the founder and director of the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit (CEU), a multi-disciplinary Unit of over 60 staff and students that aims to advance understanding and prevention of cardiovascular disease through population health research.

By 2018, he had published more than 250 papers, which had attracted >60,000 citations (h-index >105). His interests are reflected in the CEU’s main research themes, all of which are underpinned by research into quantitative methods:

1) Discovery genomics and cardiovascular genetics

2) Therapeutic target prioritisation

3) International vascular health

4) Screening and risk prediction

5) Systems genomics

6) Blood donor health and biology


Key publications: 

Selected publications

Discovery genomics

Sun B…[co-authors]…Danesh J, Runz H*, Butterworth A*. Consequences of natural perturbations of the human plasma proteome. Nature 2018 in press.

Saleheen D…[co-authors]…Danesh J*, Rader DJ*, Kathiresan S*. Human knockouts and phenotypic analysis in a cohort with a high rate of consanguinity. Nature 2017 12;544(7649):235-239.

Astle WJ…[co-authors]…Danesh J*, Roberts DJ*, Ouwehand WH*, Butterworth AS*, Soranzo N*. The allelic landscape of human blood cell trait variation and links to common complex disease. Cell 2016;167:1415-1429.

Cardiovascular genetics

Howson JMM…[co-authors]…Danesh J*, Butterworth AD*, Saleheen D*. Fifteen new risk loci for coronary artery disease highlight arterial wall-specific mechanisms. Nature Genetics 2017;7:1113-1119.

Surendran P…[co-authors]…Danesh J*, Wain LV*, Butterworth AS*, Howson JM*, Munroe PB*. Trans-ancestry meta-analyses identify rare and common variants associated with blood pressure and hypertension. Nature Genetics 2016;48:1151-61.

Nelson CP…[co-authors]…Danesh J, Thompson JR, Samani NJ. Genetically determined height and coronary artery disease. N Eng J Med 2015;372:1608-18.

Therapeutic target prioritisation

Zanoni P…[co-authors]…Danesh J, Kathiresan S, Rader DJ. Rare variant in scavenger receptor BI raises HDL cholesterol and increases risk of coronary heart disease. Science 2016;351:1166-71.

Sarwar N…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Interleukin-6 receptor pathways in coronary disease. Lancet 2012;379:1205-1213.

Sarwar N…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Triglyceride-mediated pathways and coronary disease. Lancet 2010;375:1634-9.

Translational epidemiology

Di Angelantonio E…[co-authors]…Danesh J*, Hu FB*. Body-mass index and all-cause mortality. Lancet 2016:388:776-86.

Di Angelantonio E…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Association of cardiometabolic multimorbidity with mortality. JAMA 2015;314:52-60.

Kondapally Seshasai SR…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Diabetes mellitus, fasting glucose, and risk of cause-specific death. N Engl J Med 2011;364:829-841.

Disease risk prediction

Di Angelantonio E… [co-authors]…Danesh J. Glycated hemoglobin measurement and prediction of cardiovascular disease. JAMA 2014 311(12):1225-33.

Kaptoge S…[co-authors]…Danesh J. C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, and cardiovascular disease prediction. N Engl J Med 2012;367:1310-20.

Di Angelantonio E…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Lipid-related markers and cardiovascular disease prediction. JAMA 2012;307:2499-2506.

Blood donor health and biology

Di Angelantonio E…[co-authors]…Danesh J. Efficiency and safety of varying the frequency of whole blood donation (INTERVAL): a randomised trial of 45 000 donors. Lancet 2017;390:2360-71.

Schormair B…[co-authors]. Identification of novel risk loci for restless legs syndrome in genome-wide association studies in individuals of European ancestry: a meta-analysis. Lancet Neurology 2017;16:898-907.

*denotes equal contribution

More publications available through PubMed.

BHF Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine
Head of Department of Public Health and Primary Care
Faculty Member at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute