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My focus is on the use of high resolution mass spectrometry to measure lipids in biofluids and tissue extracts in order to better understand the causes and consequences of type 2 diabetes and obesity (sometimes collectively referred to as the Metabolic Syndrome).

I am particularly interested in four areas of research:

  1. understanding the role that peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPARs) play in regulating metabolism across the body
  2. understanding how lipids influence the function of the cell and hence why changes in lipid intake affect how the body functions
  3. examining how lipids influence tissue inflammation in the Metabolic syndrome
  4. developing computer software tools for storing and processing the large quantity of data produced by these experiments.


Key publications: 

Most recent publications are available through PubMed.

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Professor in Human Metabolism and Nutrition
Group leader at MRC Human Nutrition Research
Professor Julian  Griffin


Person keywords: 
functional genomics