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The Clatworthy lab is interested in understanding how B cell activation and IgG antibody effector function is regulated in different tissues, particularly in the kidney and the gut.

Current research questions:

  1. How can we regulate B cell activation and antibody generation in human disease?
  2. Which immune cells are capable of responding to IgG in the kidneys, and how is their position and function influenced by the kidney microenvironment.
  3. What role do IgG and FcgR play in the gastrointestinal tract?
  4. How does FcgR-crosslinking by IgG affect immune cell metabolism?


Key publications: 

Berry MR, Mathews RJ, Ferdinand JR, Jing C, Loudon KW, Wlodek E, Dennison TW, Kuper C, Neuhofer W, Clatworthy MR. Renal Sodium Gradient Orchestrates a Dynamic Antibacterial Defense Zone. Cell. 2017;170(5):860-74.

Clatworthy MR, Petri Aronin C, Matthews RJ, Morgan NY, Smith KGC, Germain RN. Immune complexes stimulate CCR7-dependent dendritic cell migration to lymph nodes. Nature Medicine. 2014;20(12):1458-63

Clatworthy MR, Watson CJ, Plotnek G, Bardsley V, Chaudhry AN, Bradley JA, Smith KG. B-cell-depleting induction therapy and acute cellular rejection. N Engl J Med. 2009;360(25):2683-5


Professor of Translational Immunology
Honorary Consultant Nephrologist
Director of Clinical Studies, Pembroke College
Prof Menna  Clatworthy


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