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Dr Philippe T Gilchrist

Research themes


Research Interests

My research interests include mechanisms and interventions for vasovagal reactions. Vasovagal reactions have an important impact on the medical system, deterring people from various procedures, affecting the blood supply, as well as providing a theoretical challenge. 

Other areas of interest include the recruitment and retention of blood donors, as well as stress, anxiety disorders, blood-injury-injection phobia, and pain.


anxiety disorders ; pain ; syncope ; anxiety and cognition ; Vasovagal ; psychophysiology ; mental illness ; cognitive-behavioural therapy ; blood donors

Collaborators outside this directory

Key Publications

Gilchrist, P, T, & Ditto, B. (2017).  Distinguishing disgust from fear: The vomit and faint defenses. In R. Duschinsky, S. Schnall, & D. Weiss (Eds.), Purity and danger now: New perspectives. London: Routledge.

Gilchrist, P. T., Vrinceanu, T., Béland, S., Bacon, S. L., & Ditto, B. (2016). Disgust stimuli reduce heart rate but do not contribute to vasovagal symptoms. Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 51, 116-122.

Gilchrist, P. T., McGovern, G. E., Bekkouche, N., Bacon, S. L., & Ditto, B. (2015). The vasovagal response during confrontation with blood-injury-injection stimuli: The role of perceived control. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 31, 43-48.

Gilchrist, P. T., & Ditto, B. (2015). Sense of impending doom: lower sympathetic activity in waiting blood donors who subsequently experience vasovagal symptoms. Biological Psychology, 104, 28-34.

Ditto, B., Gilchrist, P. T., Holly, C. D., Dubuc, S., Delage, G., & France, C. R. (2013). The effects of leg crossing and applied tension on blood donor return. Vox Sanguinis, 105, 229-304.

Gilchrist, P. T., & Ditto, B. (2012). The effects of blood‐draw and injection stimuli on the vasovagal response. Psychophysiology, 49, 815-820.

Ditto, B., Balegh, S., Gilchrist, P. T., & Holly, C. D. (2012). Relation between perceived blood loss and vasovagal symptoms in blood donors. Clinical Autonomic Research, 22, 113-116.

Ditto, B., Gilchrist, P. T., & Holly, C. D. (2012). Fear-related predictors of vasovagal symptoms during blood donation: it’s in the blood. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 35, 393-399.

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