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Cambridge Cardiovascular

  • 24Jan

    Dr Rasha Al-Lamee, Imperial College London

    "Changing the face of trials of medical procedures"

    Dr Wei Li, Cambridge University

    ‘Targeting endoglin function and endothelial BMP signalling for the treatment of PAH and HHT’

  • 24Jan

    Exploring plain English summaries and the importance of patient and public involvement

  • 24Jan

    Run by the Postdoc Academy for Cambridge Postdocs.

    Creativity is a critical part of research, this workshop will help people look at old problems in new ways.

    In this practical workshop for postdocs, you will explore:

  • 22Jan

    Introduction to the Stroke Data Science Catalyst

    This webinar explains the HDRUK's Stroke Catalyst's aims, insights and will have an update on their open funding call.

    More information

  • 18Jan

    The Danish Blood Donor Study: Current Research and Future Possibilities

    Prof Christain Erikstrup - University of Aarhus, Denmark

  • 17Jan

    T-cell function and immunotherapies

    Dr Martin Turner - New factors limiting T cell function

    Dr Hayley Sharpe - A unifying hypothesis for the first steps of T cell activation

    Dr Tom Henley - Targeting the novel intracellular immune checkpoint for the treatment of solid tumours

  • 17Jan

    The Research Café aims to create a supportive space where researchers from all levels and academics can explore interdisciplinary collaborations. 

  • 16Jan

    Dr. Prisca Liberali, Group Leader, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel (FMI),
    Switzerland More information

  • 15Jan

    Getting Hands-on with Engineering Biology: Team Projects for Real-World Applications

  • 12Jan

    Speaker: Dr Soyon Hong, Programme lead - UK Dementia Research Institute, University College London

    Title: “Neuroimmune signalling at and across brain borders regulating neuronal fate"

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