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Cambridge Cardiovascular



Supervisors: Dr Andrew Murray and Dr Julian Griffin

Title: Mechanisms and prevention of heart conditions involving a hypoxic component of damage

Abstract: Oxygen supply is crucial to healthy mitochondrial metabolism and production of the 6kg of ATP per day the heart requires to function. Mismatch between oxygen supply to the heart muscle and its metabolic oxygen demand, known as myocardial hypoxia, can therefore be responsible for extensive damage when occurring acutely during ischaemia or chronically during heart failure.

My work explores a possible role for nitrate, found at high levels in the blood of sherpas who are adapted to living at high altitude with low partial pressures of O2, in preserving mitochondrial function during cardiac ischaemia and heart failure. It also aims to investigate metabolic and functional patterns which correspond to heart failure and the poor uptake of heart transplant grafts in collaboration with Papworth hospital.

BHF 4-Year Programme PhD Student


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myocardial ischaemia