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Cambridge Cardiovascular


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Minoru Takaoka Research Associate
Dr Jason Tarkin Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow, Clinical Lecturer
Annabel Taylor BHF 4-Year Programme PhD Student
Professor Colin Taylor Professor of Cellular Pharmacology, Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator
James Taylor BHF 4-year Programme PhD Student
Dr Sarah Teichmann Head of Cellular Genetics
Dr Zhongzhao Teng 01223 746447 Senior Research Associate
Professor Simon Thompson 01223 748652 Director of Research in Biostatistics, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences
Tobias Tilly
Dr Mark Toshner 01223 762007 Director of Translational Biomedical Research MPhil, Honorary Consultant Papworth Hospital NHS Trust, Honorary Consultant Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr Daniel Tozer Research Associate
Dr Gosia Trynka Group Leader - Immune Genomics
Dr Dimitrios Tsiantoulas Research Associate, BHF Immediate Fellowship
Noor Tuelings BHF 4 Year Programme PhD Student
Dr Ernest Turro Senior Research Associate