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Cambridge Cardiovascular


Name Office phone Email address Job titles
Katherine Hammond Graduate student
Dr Matthew Harper Fellow in Pharmacology Jesus College, University Lecturer in Pharmacology
Dr Eric Harshfield Alzheimer's Society Senior Research Fellow, BHF Research Associate
Denise Hatherly Cardiovascular Research Coordinator
Dr Paul Hayes University Lecturer in Surgery
Nadine Hirst Postgraduate Administrator
Joshua Hodgson BHF 4-Year Programme PhD Student
Dr Stephen Hoole Consultant Cardiologist
Dr Joanna Howson Senior Director Genetics at Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford
Dr Yuan Huang
Yundi Huang Research Assistant
Professor Christopher Huang 01223 333822 Professor of Cell Physiology
Professor James Huntington 01223 763230 Professor
Dr Matthew Hurles Head of Human Genetics at Wellcome Sanger Institute