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Dr Lois Kim

Lois is a Senior Research Associate in the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit in the Dept of Public Health and Primary Care. Her research interests include application of simulation modelling methods to provide evidence for policy in a range of applications, including CVD screening and management, AAA screening and intervention, and blood donation. Her work focusses on the evaluation of stratified and personalised policies around timing and frequency of screening and intervention, which offer opportunities to optimise outcomes for patients and cost-effectiveness.

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Jing Hua Zhao

Following earlier work on familial aggregation, segregation analysis, candidate genes and genomewide association studies (GWASs), my current endeavour is capitalised on the meta-analysis at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit (CEU) and within the SCALLOP consortium using the Olink inflammation panel as well as other proteomic panels measured for the INTEVAL samples. I have also led analyses contributed to collaborative projects such as the Host Genetics Initiative, the SCALLOP-Seq(uence) consortium and other ongoing projects.

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Dr Samuel Lambert

Assistant Professor of Health Data Science

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