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Cambridge BHF Centre of Research Excellence (2019-2024) is led by Prof Martin Bennett, and brings together outstanding research groups under four overlapping themes:

Additionally, translation of discoveries is led by Prof Ian Wilkinson.

Cambridge BHF CRE Investigators and Collaborators (2019-2024)

Name Main Research Theme
Prof Martin Bennett Vascular medicine
Dr Adam Butterworth Population sciences
Dr Murray Clarke Vascular medicine
Dr Menna Clatworthy Vascular medicine
Prof John Danesh Population sciences
Prof Emanuele Di Angelantonio Population sciences
Dr Brian Ference Population sciences
Prof Dino Giussani Cardiometabolic medicine
Dr Matthew Hurles Population sciences
Dr Mike Inouye Population sciences
Dr Thomas Krieg Cardiometabolic medicine
Dr Michelle Linterman Vascular medicine
Prof Ziad Mallat Vascular medicine
Prof Hugh Markus Vascular medicine
Prof Michael Murphy Cardiometabolic medicine
Dr Dirk Paul Functional genomics
Prof Susan Ozanne Cardiometabolic medicine
Dr James Rudd Vascular medicine
Dr Sanjay Sinha Vascular medicine
Prof Nicole Soranzo Functional genomics
Prof Sarah Teichmann Functional genomics
Dr Gosia Trynka Functional genomics
Prof Mihaela van der Schaar Population sciences
Prof Toni Vidal-Puig Cardiometabolic medicine
Prof Nick Wareham Cardiometabolic medicine
Prof Ian Wilkinson Vascular medicine
Dr Angela Wood Population sciences

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