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Current Students Overview

This page lists current Cardiovascular PhD programme students and provides information about potentially relevant seminar series.

Cardiovascular PhD programme students

Jessica Beeson Prof Susan Ozanne BHF CV 4-year
William Bernard Dr Sanjay Sinha BHF CV 4-year
Alessandro Bertero Dr Ludovic Vallier BHF CV 4-year
Sarah Burgess Dr Matthew Harper BHF CV 4-year
Laura Burzynski Dr Murray Clarke BHF CV 4-year
Amanda Dalby Dr Cedric Ghevaert BHF CV 4-year
Adam Fellows Prof Martin Bennett BHF CV 4-year
Joshua Hodgson Prof Nick Morrell BHF CV 4-year
Salema Jafri Prof Nick Morrell BHF CV 4-year
Amanda Kennedy Dr Anthony Davenport BHF CV 4-year
Fedir Kiskin Dr Amer Rana BHF CV 4-year
Aleksandra Kotwica Dr Andrew Murray BHF CV 4-year
Ross Lindsay Dr Andrew Murray & Dr Julian Griffin BHF CV 4-year
Elena Loche Dr Susan Ozanne BHF CV 4-year
Victoria Mascetti Prof Roger Pedersen BHF CV 4-year
Deirdre Murphy Prof Ziad Mallat BHF CV 4-year
Victoria Pell Dr Thomas Krieg BHF CV 4-year
Adele Pinnock Dr Susan Ozanne BHF CV 4-year
Cai Read Dr Anthony Davenport BHF CV 4-year
Jessica Rees Dr Angela Wood & Dr Adam Butterworth BHF CV 4-year
Marinka Steur Dr Adam Butterworth BHF CV 4-year
Annabel Taylor Dr Helle Jørgensen BHF CV 4-year
Kimberley Wiggins Dr Murray Clarke BHF CV 4-year
Giovanni Canu Dr Ludovic Vallier BHF CRM 4-year
Madeline McNamara Dr Sanjay Sinha BHF CRM 4-year
William Briggs Dr Julian Griffin BHF CRE 3-year
Joel Chappell Dr Helle Jørgensen BHF CRE 3-year
Isabel Rosa Prof Willem Ouwehand BHF CRE 3-year
Vera Graup Prof Ruth Cameron BHF CRE 3-year
Daniel Jafferji Prof Christopher Huang BHF CRE 3-year
Parsa Akbari Dr Adam Butterworth BHF CRE 3-year
Baraa Kwieder Dr Amer Rana BHF CRE 3-year
Lisa Schmunk Dr Dirk Paul BHF CRE 3-year
Jessica Walsh Prof Hugh Markus BHF CRE 3-year



We run several regular meeting series during terms:

External Cardiovascular seminars take place on Thursdays 1-2pm in the Clinical School with sandwich lunch from 12.30pm. Please check seminar list on the bottom-right hand corner of this page for updated speaker & venue details!

External CVD Forum seminars take place on Wednesdays 3-4pm at the Strangeways Research Laboratories. Please check seminar list (bottom right corner of this page) for updated speaker & venue details!

Internal Vascular Biology Research meetings take place on Thursdays 12-1pm in the West Forvie Building Seminar Room (WFB). These are targeted to staff and students within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine.

Internal ‘Hot Topics’ sessions take place on Tuesdays at 2.15-3.15pm in various locations. Hot topics are directed to first year BHF PhD Programme students.

All external talks are advertised through our seminar listing, this website (bottom right corner) and a monthly newsletter.

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